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Inside Micrometers, also commonly dubbed as Internal Micrometers, are measuring tools that are used to measure the internal size of a small object. These dimensions can include inner diameters of ball bearings or the diameters of small pipes or openings.

If you are a hardware enthusiast, or simply interested in getting handy with a tool kit, then an inside micrometer should be at the top of your list. Looking for a good micrometer can be a tad tricky because of all the knock-off versions that have surfaced in the market over the years. However, not to worry, because we have just the thing for you!


What is ‘Inside Micrometers’?

InsideMicrometers.com is an online company dedicated to recommending the top of the line products. These products mainly consist of a wide range of micrometers that you can choose from. The range is such that they can pretty much cater to any micrometer needs that you might have.

Most people are familiar with those standard micrometers that are used in most high school labs. However, technology has come a long way from that, and new models are on the rise every day. Micrometers are a bit more unconventional when it comes to hardware items, but with our recommendations, you will have no such problems!


Types of Inside Micrometers

In the arena of inside micrometers, there are two main types that you can choose from. One is the Caliper-type, and the other is the tubular or rod micrometer. A Caliper-type micrometer is one with two parallel jaws, similar to those of a Vernier caliper and is based on the same working mechanism as well.

The tubular micrometer is relatively new and uses a rotating rod to extend and compact the tubular structure. In many ways, this model is much simpler to use than its caliper-type counterpart. It is also very efficient as it comes with its kit of extension rods. These extension rods allow you to change the rode on the tubular micrometer according to the size of the object whose dimension you will be measuring. In this way, the tubular micrometer can cover a significantly wider range of diameters as compared to the caliper-type micrometer.

Now, some micrometers tend to have a pretty steep price curve as compared to others. This mainly refers to the tubular micrometer because it comes with an entire kit, typically retailing at around 200 USD on Amazon.  



An inside micrometer is very accurate when it comes to measuring extremely small dimensions, even those worth only a few microns. Therefore, they come in very handy for such tasks that entail measuring narrow openings, microorganisms or even minute particles such as colloidal particle, etc.



Whether you opt for a caliper-type or tubular micrometer, it is important to make the decision based on your needs. This is because different micrometers are well suited to different purposes, i.e., home use or industry use. However, with the recommendations of InsideMicrometers.com, you can be sure to find the very micrometer that is perfect for you!